Tiger Woods’ Chip-In at Memorial Called ‘Most Unbelievable, Gutsy Shot I’ve Ever Seen’ by Jack Nicklaus (Video)


Tiger Woods' victory at the 2012 Memorial Tournament is defined by one big shot.

Woods chipped in for birdie from the thick rough at the 16th hole during the final round. It was an incredible shot that had golf fans' jaws hitting the floor. Among the most amazed, however, was the man who hosts the annual tournament and whose 73 PGA Tour wins were matched by Woods on Sunday.

Jack Nicklaus called Woods' amazing chip-in the best shot he's seen at the Muirfield Village Golf Club — which Nicklaus designed.

"That was the most unbelievable, gutsy shot I've ever seen," Nicklaus said. "If he hits it short, the tournament's over. If he hits it long, the tournament's over. He put it in the hole."

Woods' big shot on Sunday brought back memories of his incredible chip-in on No. 16 at the 2005 Masters, when he defeated Chris DiMarco in a playoff. Sunday's shot came amidst a run of three birdies on the final four holes to secure the tourney win. All things considered, Nicklaus appears to be even more impressed by Sunday's big shot than he was by the memorable 2005 chip-in, during which the ball teetered on the edge of the hole before dropping in.

"Under the circumstances, the circumstances being Tiger has been struggling, he found himself in a position in a tournament, and it was either fish or cut bait. He had one place to land the ball. He's playing a shot that if he leaves it short, he's going to leave himself again a very difficult shot. If he hits it long, he's going to probably lose the tournament," Nicklaus said. "He lands the ball exactly where it has to land. It doesn't make a difference whether it went in the hole or not.  Going in the hole was a bonus. But what a shot. I don't think under the circumstances I've ever seen a better shot."

Woods said he thought he was going to leave the shot short but that he "went for it." It's a good thing, as the result will forever be looked at as "The Shot" when it comes to the 2012 Memorial Tournament.

Woods' 73 tournament victories ties Nicklaus' career mark, which ranks second on the all-time list behind Sam Snead's 82.

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Tiger Woods' Chip-In at Memorial Called 'Most Unbelievable, Gutsy Shot I've Ever Seen' by Jack Nicklaus (Video)

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Tiger Woods' Chip-In at Memorial Called 'Most Unbelievable, Gutsy Shot I've Ever Seen' by Jack Nicklaus (Video)

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