Tim Tebow’s Greatest Inspiration Comes From Old Testament-Like Bastion of Wrath ‘Braveheart’


Tim Tebow's Greatest Inspiration Comes From Old Testament-Like Bastion of Wrath 'Braveheart'Tim Tebow is a Bible-believing guy. So, you'd think his heroes would be men like Samson swinging a jawbone, David wiping out his enemies or Elijah calling down fire from Heaven.

It turns out Tebow gets his inspiration from another guy with impressive feats, albeit those done in 13th-century Scotland.

Tebow was at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego on Sunday for Father's Day, where he spoke with Pastor David Jeremiah at a service for Shadow Mountain Community Church and other local churches.

When talking about lessons he learned from his father, Bob, Tebow said his father used the movie Braveheart and its main character, Scottish rebel William Wallace, to teach him about giving 100 percent to whatever he was doing.

"It had the biggest impact on my life," Tebow said, according to NFL.com, "because every time I would go to practice from then on out, I would think of what my father said to me: 'Do I really love what I'm doing? Am I passionate about it? And am I willing to sacrifice more than anybody else?' "

Tebow said Braveheart is still his favorite movie.

The former Denver Broncos quarterback was also apparently drawing on Wallace's skills of surviving in enemy territory by making the appearance Sunday, as Qualcomm Stadium was the site of one of Tebow's miracle wins last season.

"It feels really good to get an applause in this stadium," he said. "It's never happened before."

The Chargers lost to the Broncos 16-13 in overtime in Week 12 last season, the sixth loss in a row for San Diego.

Wallace probably wouldn't have let the Chargers off easy, either.

Photo via Facebook/Braveheart

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