Tom Brady’s ‘Most Recent Memory’ of Super Bowl Was Hearing What Gisele Bundchen Said About Wes Welker

by NESN Staff

June 16, 2012

Tom Brady's 'Most Recent Memory' of Super Bowl Was Hearing What Gisele Bundchen Said About Wes WelkerTom Brady says no one understands quite what it's like to lose the Super Bowl. That would include his wife, who had choice words for some fans after February's game, when she described exactly why she thought the Patriots had lost.

Brady gave a lighthearted synopsis of the incident during a panel discussion hosted by Bob Costas when he was asked for a recent Super Bowl memory.

As Tom E. Curran relates from CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco, who was at the event, Brady wasn't reveling in the good times.

"My recent one, this year after the game, I was in my hotel room after the game — and this was not a good memory, by the way," Brady said, according to CSNNE. "I was going to bed and I was talking to my wife after the game. You just sit up and you think and nobody quite understands — your wife and your parents or best friends — they just don't quite understand how you're feeling. You're just going through play after play after play after play."

Brady's mind was on the game, but Gisele Bundchen's was starting to realize that her expletive-filled comments at fans — suggesting that the Patriots' loss was due to some butterfingered wide receivers, including Wes Welker — may have complicated the situation.

"Just before she goes to bed, she says, 'Yeah, people were following me and I just said something I shouldn't have said,' " Brady said. He said he told her, " 'I don't care really what you said. Just go to bed.' "

Brady found out about the scope of the misplaced comments the next morning.

"I tapped her on the shoulder [and asked], 'Why did you say that?' She was talking about the best player on our team, Wes Welker, yeah," Brady said. "That was my most recent memory."

It appears Bundchen had the self-awareness to know she may have just created a giant controversy, and the guts to tell the already demoralized Brady about it.

The wreckage at least spawned one good thing: Now Welker knows Brady thinks he's the best.

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