Ukrainian Officials Warn Euro 2012 Fans Against Taking Vodka-Fueled Dips in Dnipro RiverUkrainian government officials have warned visiting fans to avoid drunk swimming during Euro 2012. With dozens of drunk-dipping accidents occurring annually, Kiev officials want to avoid what has become an all-too-frequent problem, according to a Reuters.

Located directly on the Dnipro river, Kiev is set to host the tournament's final, and public officials are determined not to let a drunken accident reflect poorly on the Ukrainian capital.

"We've warned all the embassies that fans must not go [river] bathing," Kiev deputy mayor Anatoly Holubchenko said Thursday.

"They'll drink 300 grams, jump in and drown, and then we'll be told our beaches aren't safe. A drowned drunk and unsafe beaches are two different things," the slightly pessimistic Holubchenko concluded.

The warning comes at a time when both Ukraine and Poland are under heavy fire following the release of the BBC Panorama documentary "Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate." The documentary, which depicts both countries' soccer cultures as racist, anti-Semitic and hostile to foreigners, has created a major controversy on the eve of the tournament.

With much to prove regarding their hosting abilities, neither nation can afford the negative publicity of a major accident. They will do everything possible to ensure the tournament plays out without a hitch.

Photo via Flickr/Timon91