Vote: What Is the Most Impressive Triple Crown of All Time?


June 2, 2012

Vote: What Is the Most Impressive Triple Crown of All Time?The Triple Crown is an impressive feat, regardless of the sport in which it is accomplished.

I'll Have Another will attempt to capture horse racing's 12th Triple Crown next Saturday at the Belmont Stakes. No horse has won the Triple Crown in 34 years.

Secretariat was a dominant horse racing Triple Crown winner back in 1973, setting records in two of the races and winning the Belmont by 31 lengths. It's hard enough to win all three races, but to do it in that fashion was astounding.

Horse racing isn't the only sport with a Triple Crown, of course.

In Major League Baseball, a Triple Crown happens when a player leads the league in batting average, home runs and RBIs for the season. That hasn't been accomplished since Carl Yastrzemski smashed 44 home runs and 121 RBIs with a .326 average back in 1967. But the most impressive baseball Triple Crowns may belong to Rogers Hornsby, who managed the feat twice, hitting above .400 both times.

Still, an argument can be made that Sandy Koufax's two pitching Triple Crowns were the most impressive. Koufax finished one season with a 2.02 ERA, 26 wins and 382 strikeouts.

Hockey doesn't traditionally have a Triple Crown, but back in Marcel Dione's prime, he and his linemates, Dave Taylor and Charlie Simmer, each had 100 points, earning the nickname "The Triple Crown line." With the offensive trends in the NHL today, that feat is not likely to be accomplished for a while.

Another non-traditional Triple Crown but equally impressive feat was Oscar Robertson averaging a triple-double throughout the course of the 1961-62 season. He is the only player in NBA history ever to do so.

What is the most impressive Triple Crown of all-time?

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