Webb Simpson’s Bird-Like Videobomber Steals Show at Some of Sports’ Most Memorable Moments (Photos)


Webb Simpson's Bird-Like Videobomber Steals Show at Some of Sports' Most Memorable Moments (Photos)Webb Simpson wasn't the first and certainly won't be the last professional athlete to be upstaged by an idiot.

As long as there are highly publicized sporting events and crazy British men, there will be funny videobombing scenes.

While most fans try to "get famous" by streaking onto a baseball field mid-inning, one squawking golf fan caught the U.S. Open's security team off guard when he ran in front of Simpson and Bob Costas as the winner was being interviewed live on NBC. And once in front of the camera, he began chirping like a bird.

While millions of viewers watched this man steal the spotlight from Simpson, we here at NESN.com wondered what it would look like if he Photobombed some of the sporting world's famous scenes.

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