Which League’s Draft Is Most Important to Future Success?


Which League's Draft Is Most Important to Future Success?Drafting is hard.

For every "can't-miss" prospect that pans out and delivers on his supposed ability, it seems, there's a bust waiting right around the corner, to haunt the team that whiffed on an important pick.

The Astros selected Carlos Correa with the first overall pick in this year's edition, taking a leap of faith that the young shortstop will one day be a cornerstone of their franchise.

With the MLB draft under way this week, every team in baseball will be hard at work trying to sort through the hundreds of prospective players, looking to lock up a highly touted youngster or find a diamond in the rough.

But with baseball's draft dragging on for as long as 40 rounds, it doesn't get the same buzz that the other leagues do when selecting their players.

The NFL and NBA drafts are far and away more popular than their MLB and NHL counterparts, but it could very well be up for debate how important each league's respective draft is.

Football and basketball have the advantage of providing instant gratification for the drafting teams, as players taken can often contribute to the team right away. But basketball teams only get two rounds to select players, and there is usually a sharp drop-off of talent outside of the top lottery picks. Football has seven rounds, but the amount of free agent player movement in the league could also be considered just as — if not more — important than the draft.

Bruins fans are well aware of how big of an impact a draft can have — Tyler Seguin springs to mind — but the hard salary cap in hockey also make the free agent game a huge part of managing a roster.

Each league's draft brings with it the promise of new talent and a chance at future success. When looking at all four, however, which one is the most important for a team to succeed?

Which league's draft is most important to a team's future success?

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