Who Forms the Most Impressive Father-Son Duo in MLB History?It's rare enough that a father and son both make it to the big leagues in professional baseball. It's even rarer still that both of them have standout — and in some cases Hall of Fame-worthy — careers. With Father's Day upon us, it's only appropriate to look back at some of the most notable father-son duos in MLB history.

Sandy Alomar Sr. was a decent enough player in his own right who was known more for his glove than his bat. Sandy Alomar Jr. became a six-time All-Star and an All-Star Game MVP, and Roberto Alomar hit an even .300 for his career, won more Gold Gloves than any second baseman in history and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2011 in his second year of eligibility.

Bobby Bonds was the second player to join the 300-300 Club — 300 career home runs, 300 career stolen bases — and remains one of only eight men to do it. His son, Barry Bonds, is one of the others. In addition to controversially holding both the single-season and all-time home run records as well as posting a host of other staggering offensive numbers, Barry is also the only member of the 500-500 Club.

Felipe Alou is likely known as much for his 14-year career as a manager as he is for his 17-year career as a player. He was named an All-Star three times and Manager of the Year once. Moises Alou, one of the more notable outfielders of the 1990s and 2000s, finished his career with a batting average north of .300, plus more than 300 home runs and 1,200 RBIs.

Ken Griffey Sr. had respectable numbers throughout his career, batting nearly .300 with more than 150 home runs and an even 200 stolen bases. His most noteworthy accomplishment is likely being part of the only father-son duo in history to hit back-to-back homers, with his son Ken Griffey Jr. on the Seattle Mariners. Junior, of course, is sixth on the all-time home run list and revered as one of the greatest defensive center fielders in history.

Finally, there's Cecil Fielder and his son, Prince Fielder. Cecil was quite literally a massive figure at the plate who hit 319 career home runs — many of them a very, very long way — while Prince is making quite a name for himself in the present day. Only 28 and in his seventh season, the younger Fielder has already walloped 240 career homers.

With all that in mind, which duo impresses you the most?

Who do you think is the most impressive father-son duo in MLB history?