Does Roger Clemens Deserve Induction Into the Hall of Fame?The books are officially closed on the Roger Clemens perjury and obstruction trial, and the heat-hurling righty has been exonerated of all wrongdoing.

After a trial lasting eight weeks and costing millions in taxpayer money, Clemens was found not guilty on three counts of making false statements, two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. This was Clemens' second time appearing in front of a jury in just four years after he and several other former players appeared in front of a Congressional committee in 2008 to address their supposed use of steroids and HGH during their time in MLB.

It must come as a massive relief to many baseball fans — Red Sox fans especially — to hear the news of Clemens' innocence. In the past decade we have seen players fall to the other side of a guilty ruling, forever tarnishing their name and legacy as big league ball players.

But is the same true of Clemens, despite his not guilty verdict? Even though The Rocket came out on top, what does his involvement in this case do to his legacy?

We know that the legacies of players like Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmero, Jose Canseco and maybe even Barry Bonds are forever stained due to their involvement in this steroid fiasco. With these players, our last impression is not of them in a uniform, but instead in a suit and tie, fighting to keep whatever is left of their untainted legacy alive.

Will fans think the same of Roger Clemens? And maybe more importantly, what will those with a Hall of Fame vote think? Is Clemens' involvement in this perjury case enough to keep him out of Cooperstown, or should we accept the verdict and remember him for the incredible pitcher that he was?

Tell us what you think in the poll, below.

Would You Vote Roger Clemens Into the Hall of Fame?