Braves Fan Snags Foul Ball While Holding Baby, Andrelton Simmons Impressed With Grab (Video)


Every baseball fan would love the opportunity to catch a foul ball at a major league stadium.

It’s a prize that some see as a mark of dedication to the sport. With so many surrounding fans and so many spots for the ball to be hit, you have to pray to the baseball gods for one to come your way.

Many people wouldn’t hesitate to leap at the rare chance to snag a foul ball. But what if you had a baby in the other hand?

One dad held onto his pride and joy in one arm while he reeled in a foul ball at an Atlanta Braves game. This was no ordinary grab, as the fan had to leap a little to catch the ball, while maintaining his balance with his baby.

It was so good, that Atlanta Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons applauded the effort.

Watch the video below via, with a hat tip to SportsGrid.

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