Once a guy interrupts one major golf tournament trophy ceremony with bird noises and a Union Jack hat, you'd think the powers that be would be wary of letting him near another major.

But it appears that Andrew James Dudley — self-identified as "Jungle Bird" — has been allowed on the Royal Lytham course at the British Open.

Dudley was spotted with his trademark tri-colored hat and unmistakably British, bird-calling face as ESPN panned to shots of patrons on Saturday, including some people dressed head-to-toe in tiger suits. Although Dudley appeared to be well-behaved this time, his U.S. Open past would seem to suggest that he keeps the eccentrics for the trophy ceremony.

Dudley gave himself a permanent place in golf and Internet lore at this spring's U.S. Open, when he interrupted Webb Simpson's victory ceremony with Bob Costas with a number of drunken "cuh-caw!" noises. While Simpson joked that jail time was in order, Dudley was eventually let off the hook since he had paid for a ticket and was just basically being a nuisance.

Dudley later identified himself as Jungle Bird, said he was trying to draw awareness to environmental causes, and apologized to Simpson.

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British Open Has Colorful Guests, Including Bird-Calling Man Who Videobombed U.S. Open (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@MikeColeNESN

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British Open Has Colorful Guests, Including Bird-Calling Man Who Videobombed U.S. Open (Photo)

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