Chad Ochocinco Officially Changes Name Back to Chad JohnsonChad Ochocinco is undergoing some drastic changes this offseason.

The wide receiver joined the Miami Dolphins, got married and now has changed his name. He'll once again be referred to as Chad Johnson, the Ochocinco News Network reports.

"Chad Ochocinco has officially changed his name back to Chad Johnson," the website says. "The main reason behind the name change was due to his marriage to Evelyn Lozada. The couple preferred Evelyn's last name to be a real name and not the fun 'Ochocinco' character we have come to love."

Ochocinco, I mean Johnson, has taken a step back since his initial name change in August 2008. He entered the following season on the heels of six straight 1,000-yard campaigns, but he's only had once such season since. Last year, he struggled mightily as a member of the Patriots, recording just 15 catches for 276 yards.

New wife. New team. New name. Is that enough to yield better results?