Charles Barkley Tells Dwight Howard to 'Grow Up' on Trade Demands With Magic, NetsDwight Howard has again announced that he wants to be traded.

He's picked his target team, the Brooklyn Nets, and let the whole league know why he thinks he deserves exceptional treatment and a timely trade.

But, while Howard may be thinking he's getting closer to leaving the Orlando Magic, he can also be assured he's lost any chance at respect in the eyes of those watching his waffling, which seems interminable at this point.

Former NBA star Charles Barkley and Grantland's Bill Simmons are among those telling Howard that enough is enough.

"Dwight needs to make a decision, because I'm sick of hearing about it every year where he's going to go, and I told him he needs to grow up and make a decision," Barkley told Jeff Caplan of "I don't want to hear this stuff ever year coming up on the trade deadline. Make a decision and live with it."

Simmons' assessment, which he tweeted Sunday, was in a similar vein.

" 'Well, however this plays out, Dwight Howard has handled himself like a pro these last few months.' — Nobody," he tweeted.

Here's guessing that those guys won't be the last to tell Howard to stop his griping.