Chipper Jones Says Melky Cabrera’s Questionable Conduct Against Braves ‘Won’t Be Forgotten’


Melky Cabrera is becoming quite the villain in Atlanta, so leave it to the Braves' veteran leader to respond.

Cabrera has demonstrated some questionable antics in the Giants' current series with the Braves, showing off some iffy body language that seems like an attempt to show up the opposition. Chipper Jones is having none of that.

"That's Melky, and that's why he's not here anymore," Jones said, alluding to Cabrera's disappointing 2010 season with the Braves.

During his lone season in Atlanta, Cabrera hit just .255 with four home runs and 42 RBIs while showing up out of shape — that's a far cry from his current All-Star stature. But even that lack of success pales in comparison to Cabrera's lack of sportsmanship this series.

"He got a little happy when I think [Gregor] Blanco hit the home run. That won't be forgotten," Jones said.

The move in question is Cabrera's decision to dish out a DX style hand gesture near his crotch following the home run. In his defense, he and Blanco have done the celebration at other times this season, but it accompanies some other questionable body language.

Cabrera has taunted fans in Atlanta this series, and he made a hand gesture in the sixth inning when Jason Heyward didn't try to tag up from second base on a flyball to deep left field, according to

The two teams will go toe to toe one more time in the series on Thursday, so Jones really doesn't have too much time to forget anyways. But hey, he's getting up there in age, so we'll take his words as a sign of caution for Cabrera.

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Chipper Jones Says Melky Cabrera's Questionable Conduct Against Braves 'Won't Be Forgotten'

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