Commissioner Bud Selig Says MLB Will Expand Replay to Include Trapped Balls, Fair-Foul on Line DrivesBaseball may be timeless, but under the guidance of commissioner Bud Selig, it's about to take another step toward modernization.

Selig told The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN New York 98.7 FM on Friday that MLB will expand its instant replay policy "to add it on trapped balls in the outfield and, as I call them, bullets down the right- and left-field line."

Right now, umpires can only use replay on home run calls. Selig has taken blame for being slow to incorporate replay in baseball and though his latest comments will earn him a brief reprieve, they will not be enough to silence his critics permanently.

Selig did not set a timetable for when the changes would be made. MLB officials already said no new replay policies would be put in place in 2013, and any change would have to be approved by both the players' and umpires' unions.