Devils’ Cam Janssen Goes Off in Uncensored Interview, Compares Kings to ‘Fat Broads,’ Wants to Hurt People

Cam Janssen doesn’t have much of a filter, so when he appears on uncensored Internet radio, fasten your seatbelt.

The Devils tough guy appeared on the Thom and Jeff Show — formerly on 105.7 The Point in St. Louis, now on the Internet — to discuss a number of topics, including New Jersey’s Stanley Cup loss to the Los Angeles Kings. The physical winger was very candid to say the least.

The video of the interview has since been removed from the World Wide Web, and Janssen has since apologized, but the transcript shows just how ruthless he was during the interview. Check out some highlights below, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports.

On getting in players’ heads as a physical player:

[The host says, “If the guy was sucking [expletive] four weeks ago, you’re going to know about it.”]

“Oh, if he’s sucking [expletive] he’s getting his ass kicked. [Laughter]”

On the playoffs:

“I was pretty [expletive] miserable,” he said about losing in the Stanley Cup Final, saying that the Devils “blew their load” against the Rangers in the Eastern Conference Final while the Kings had an easier path.

On the Los Angeles Kings:

“They kicked ass. That organization is very, very good for hockey. … it’s going to be good for hockey for all of those whatever-you-want-to-call-thems over there, to get into hockey.”

[The hosts compared losing to the Kings to “the first time you bang a fat chick.”]

On losing to the Los Angeles Kings in the Final:

“Damn fat broads, man … [The LA Kings are] the fat broads you just regret banging. I’ve been there and done that. It’s a very good experience to see what it takes to make it that far. But losing like that, holy [expletive] that was a buzzkill.”

On being an intimidating player:

“You wanna be scary. You wanna put the fear of [expletive] God into people’s eyes. And not just, ‘Oh, I’m gonna beat you up.’ No, I’m gonna catch you with your [expletive] head down and hurt you, because I know how to hit.”

On the best place to hit:

“If guys start chirping me when I skate by the bench, I’ll [decide] I’m going to hurt somebody on this [expletive] team. Whoever’s got the puck with their [expletive] head down, I’ll [expletive] hurt you,” he said. “Then on the next shift guys will just get rid of the puck because they know I’m coming. You can dodge a fight. But when you have the puck, you’re going to get hit.”

To see just how punishing Janssen can be, check out his hit on Zdeno Chara below.

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