Devils Fan Celebrates Fourth of July by Setting Zach Parise Jersey on Fire With Sparkler (Video)


Is there a more perfect storm than a pro athlete leaving, via free agency, the only franchise he's ever known on a day known for drinking beer and blowing things up?

Because that's exactly what happened when former Devils forward Zach Parise became new Wild forward Zach Parise by signing with Minnesota, on the Fourth of July, no less. One of the best American hockey players in the game today teamed up with fellow Red, White and Blue-er Ryan Suter to give Minnesota arguably the biggest free agency coup in hockey history.

Of course, with that type of earth-shaking decision comes obvious consequences, particularly in the city or region the star player leaves. In this case specifically, we're looking at you, New Jersey. Devils fans, just a month removed from seeing their team get steamrolled by the Kings in the Stanley Cup Final were understandably upset at seeing their captain turn in his horns for a few lakes and a couple of twin cities.

Never mind the fact that Parise was going home. Devils fans were heated.

That's where the Fourth of July comes in. Instead of celebrating the birthday of this great country, Devils fans were left to commiserate with their American-brewed beers and illegal pyrotechnics. It was a recipe for, of course, burning jerseys.

As the great Puck Daddy blog points out, one Devils fan decided it was best to burn his Parise jersey, the ultimate demonstration upon being jilted by a millionaire you've probably never met. Because nothing says "I hate you, guy who just signed a $100 million contract" like using a sparkler to essentially set $200 on fire. Nothing.


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