The Museum of Fine Arts is the latest Boston venue to become a part of Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary celebration.

The museum held a photo contest recently where everyday fans and photographers had a chance to see their shots of Fenway Park and its baseball scenes turn into something more.

Of the 700 entries from the first-ever online contest, just six were chosen as winners. The people that captured the shots got to see their photos join the Grandstand to Gallery Exhibit, where the museum showcased several pieces of art connected to the team.

One winner was moved to tears as she talked about visiting Fenway Park and how it can be "more than a baseball experience." Another was still thrilled at her chance to capture a beautiful image.

"It was one of those moments that don't happen very often," Lora Brody said of her winning photo, a shot of a pretzel vendor bathed in sunlight at Fenway.

Hear what the other winners had to say and see some of their now-iconic photos on display.