Vote: Is Baseball Still America’s Pastime?


Vote: Is Baseball Still America's Pastime?For as long as pretty much anybody can remember, baseball has been ingrained in American culture -? so much so that it's often quoted as a measuring stick by which you could gauge how American something was, along with hot dogs and apple pie.

It hasn't come to be well-known as "America's Pastime" for nothing, after all.

But with the years marching along and more people watching more sports than ever before, baseball's position as the quintessential American sport has come under siege from several other worthy contenders.

All a person has to do to understand football's claim to the throne is to look at the TV ratings. Six of the seven most-watched TV shows of all time are Super Bowls ?- the last three have each set a new record for average total viewers -? and NBC Sunday Night Football was last season's highest-rated prime-time show.

Canada may be popularly known as the land of hockey, but it has only seven teams in the NHL, considered the best hockey league in the world. The U.S., meanwhile, is home to 23 teams and has won every Stanley Cup since 1993, when the Montreal Canadiens claimed the title.

Basketball is pretty popular, but what really sets it apart are its pickup games, which are played on innumerable city courts and in countless gyms across the country. Even for those that aren't serious about it, hoops is considered a fantastic way to stay active.

Soccer, meanwhile, may not exactly have the massive day-to-day following of the four major professional sports. But none of those other games causes the country to rally around a team quite like soccer does come World Cup and Olympic time, with the U.S. teams embodying so much of what the country idealizes.

But have any of them actually replaced baseball as America's pastime?

Which sport is America's pastime?

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