Jared Allen Curses at Matt Kalil in Practice After Threatening to ‘Fist Fight’ Vikings Teammate

by NESN Staff

July 31, 2012

Jared Allen Curses at Matt Kalil in Practice After Threatening to 'Fist Fight' Vikings TeammateJared Allen has a mean streak not easily matched, even in the NFL. And on Tuesday, the hot-headed defensive end's temper could be heard from all over the Minnesota Vikings practice field.

After being stonewalled on two consecutive plays by Vikings rookie Matt Kalil, the eight-year NFL veteran, Allen, blew up and began viciously cursing, according to 1500ESPN.com. Although the team is less than a week into training camp, Allen already has a history with the 2012 first-round pick.

In a pre-camp interview with ProFootballTalk, Allen explained that he doesn't have any interest in dealing with rookie nonsense. He even threatened a fight if any of the youngsters got too out of line.

"Just don't touch me," Allen said. "I'm too old to deal with overzealous rookies right now.  Keep your hands out of my face, don?t grab my jersey and we won't have to fist fight."

Coming off a 22-sack season — just a half sack away from Michael Strahan's should-be asterisked record — and his fourth Pro Bowl appearance, any player would be miffed to try and fight the same guy who tracks and spears deers in his spare time.

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