Jason Varitek’s One-Team Career Admired by Matt Stairs, Who Played for 13 Clubs (Video)


Jason Varitek played for exactly one team during his Major League Baseball career — the Boston Red Sox. Matt Stairs? Well, that's another story.

During his career, the former outfielder and designated hitter played for a just a few more ball clubs than Varitek did. Stairs played for 12 more to be exact, having put on the uniform of 13 different teams throughout the course of his 19-year big league career.

So on "Thank, Tek Day," it seemed appropriate to have the former master of jetlag weigh in on the career of former Sox captain Varitek, and describe just what it means to have a player spend his entire career in a single uniform. Suffice to say, what Varitek meant and continues to mean to the Red Sox far outweighs even his contributions on the diamond — which were numerous in and of themselves.

Watch the video above to hear Stairs talk about Tek's career on NESN Daily.

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