Kanye West is such a nice guy.

The hip-hop producer, who is rumored to be dating Kim Kardashian, “dissed” NBA power forward Kris Humphries in a track this year, rapping that Kardashian’s former husband of 72 days was “lucky I ain’t have Jay drop him from the team.”

It turned out West either is a man of his word or that he simply does not hold as much sway with Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter as he believes. The Brooklyn Nets, who boast Carter as a part-owner, agreed to terms Tuesday on a new contract with Humphries.

Humphries announced the signing — sort of — by tweeting at Jay-Z: “I’m up at Brooklyn! @S_C_ ‘lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team’ lol!” The deal reportedly will keep Humphries, 27, in Brooklyn for the next two years at a total of $24 million. Check out Humphries’ tweet below.