Formula 1 racing is all about speed, and races are often won on pit road.

No pit stop compares to the one turned in by McLaren Racing on Sunday, though. Jenson Button's pit crew swapped out four tires in 2.31 seconds, marking the fastest pit stop in competition history.

The record-setting stop comes on the heels of some pit stop struggles for the racing team, and McLaren sporting director Sam Michael thinks those woes are now a thing of the past.

"We still have issues, the same as any team in the pitlane so we will still have stops where things happen but the guys have a really good margin now," said. "If they do a 3.1-second stop, it feels incredibly slow and that's pretty much the stop time that everybody else is doing. So they have got the margin to lose seven or eight tenths and, while not the quickest, still be very competitive."

Most of the pit stops for the rest of the field on Sunday were a second slower than McLaren's, showing just how impressive the record is.

Check out the quick turnaround in the video below.