Michael Irvin Calls Dez Bryant’s Alleged Assault on Mom ‘Serious Stuff,”Out of the World for Me’


Michael Irvin wasn't exactly a model citizen during his NFL career, but even he's a bit concerned about Dez Bryant in the wake of the receiver's arrest.

Bryant allegedly assaulted his mother over the weekend. His mother, Angela Bryant, was discovered to have a swollen wrist and thumb and bruising on her upper arms after police arrived following an emotional distress call in which she could be heard telling someone in the room that her son "tried to kill me."

Irvin, despite all his transgressions, can't bring himself to fully comprehend putting your hands on your mother, and feels that Bryant's situation goes way beyond any of the 23-year-old's previous antics.

"You guys want to talk about football, I want to tell you about the man," said Irvin, who works as an analyst for the NFL Network. "I don't care what the Dallas Cowboys think on this situation. I only want somebody to talk to Dez about figuring out how you get to the place where your mom is begging you to go home and not hit her. I don't care about anything else. That's serious stuff that we got to get to the bottom of."

Irvin, who also donned No. 88 in Dallas and has been a major supporter of Bryant since he entered the league in 2010, didn't sound completely surprised that Bryant is in hot water again, but he still finds the whole situation to be uncharted waters.

"I like to speak out of my spirit, and a lot of things — both the highs and lows, the peaks and the valleys — I've experienced. But this is out of the world for me," Irvin said. "I've never laid my hands on any woman, let alone talk about the No. 1 woman in any man's life, which should be his mother."

Clearly, Bryant has some issues he needs to work out.

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Michael Irvin Calls Dez Bryant's Alleged Assault on Mom 'Serious Stuff,''Out of the World for Me'

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Michael Irvin Calls Dez Bryant's Alleged Assault on Mom 'Serious Stuff,''Out of the World for Me'

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