Michelle Jenneke, Dancing Australian Hurdler, Asked to Pose Nude by Sex.com (Photos)Michelle Jenneke caught the eyes of everyone recently, including a popular adult website.

The Australian hurdler, who became a viral Internet sensation leading up to the London Olympics for her interesting prerace dance during qualifying, has been asked to pose nude for an exclusive photo shoot by Sex.com.

Jenneke didn’t qualify for the London games, but she’s become one of the more popular athletes linked to the Olympics, showing once again that YouTube can create international superstars and that sex really does sell. The website is now looking to capitalize on Jenneke’s newfound stardom.

“She’s the right amount of cute and sexy, not to mention her body is clearly in peak condition,” Sex.com’s Martin Ellison told XBIZ. “Michelle Jenneke has shown a sex appeal that’s uncommon in female athletes and we want Michelle to know that she can use her sexuality to not only raise her profile but also benefit athletes all over her country,”

If Jenneke accepts the offer, Sex.com said it will donate an undisclosed sum to the Australian Sports Commission, pending negotiations with her and her representation.

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