Minor League Manager Loses It, Gives Third Base to Fan as Part of Second Career Famous Tirade


As managerial meltdowns go, Philip Wellman still takes the cake.

The former Mississippi Braves' manager's legendary tirade in 2007 was the stuff viral videos are made of. And while Joe Mikulik's recent blow-up never rose quite to the level of throwing the rosin bag as if it were a grenade, it was still impressive in its own right.

Mikulik is the manager of the Single-A Asheville Tourists, an affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. His on-field performance began with just a little talk with the umpire, which eventually led to Mikulik throwing his cap and then giving third base to a fan.

But wait, there's more. This was just his second extracurricular show. Mikulik's first was in 2006 on a play where Koby Clemens, son of Roger Clemens, was called safe at second base. For even more laughs, check out the video of Mikulik throwing second base into right field, pouring water on home plate and more.

Check it out in the video below, with a tip of the cap to SportsGrid.

Thumbnail screen grab courtesy of YouTube/ESPN

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