New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Rank Among NFL's Best Uniforms (Photos)One of the best parts of being a football fan is wearing your team's jersey proudly on gameday.

No matter how your team is performing or where you have to be on a Sunday, you know that your jersey looks great. But which jerseys are the most fitting for the NFL?

Think about it. Each NFL franchise picked a logo and team colors for a reason. Whether it's to look tougher, flashier or faster, each team started out with a basic uniform for a purpose. But whose jerseys achieve that purpose the best?

It's pretty hard to beat the black on black uniforms that Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints wear from time to time in the regular season. Still, other teams like the Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers have an aged and experienced look that have made their jerseys iconic in the NFL. Check out where the rest of the NFL's uniforms stack up against each other in the gallery below.

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