Patriots Ranked Second to Packers in AP's Preaseason Poll of NFL TeamsWhile the AP Top 25 may help determine the fates of college football's powerhouses, the new AP poll ranking every NFL team each week is likely no more than a conversation starter.

That doesn't mean that New England fans who see their Patriots entering the season behind the Packers aren't going to be ticked, though.

The AP has released its Pro32 NFL power rankings, and Green Bay is the top dog. Coming off a 15-1 season where Aaron Rodgers and friends ran one of the best offenses in NFL history, the Packers were considered the team to beat by the powers that be.

The Patriots did take spot No. 2, though, edging out their nemesis, the New York Giants (last year's Super Bowl champions).

While many people may disagree on the top few spots of the poll, the AP voters may have picked one position correctly: The Colts are ranked No. 32.