Wasn’t it supposed to be a quiet offseason?

Initially, the Boston Bruins promised that they weren’t planning to very active in free agency, professing to be looking for roster tweaks rather than the splashy move. With the team’s salary cap issues, it wasn’t a surprising revelation for a club which just won the Stanley Cup 13 months ago and had kept its core relatively in tact.

Then came the news that the team had made a “significant offer” to Zach Parise, which took many in the hockeysphere by surprise — although Parise ended up going to the Minnesota Wild. Now comes the information that Rick Nash has listed the Bruins as one of six teams to which he would accept a trade. Good money says it’s still unlikely Nash ends up in Beantown, but one can dream.

Is it realistic? NESN.com’s Douglas Flynn breaks it down for NESN Daily in the video above.