Rob Gronkowski Does 'Crossys' in Crowded L.A. Bar Bathroom With Brother, Stranger Following ESPYsRob Gronkowski has been reportedly asked by the Patriots to turn down his Gronk ways this summer, but luckily for football fans, that request was made after the 2012 ESPYs.

According to Bill Simmons, Gronk had a few interesting moments in Los Angeles, following the annual awards show.

Simmons unleashed these stories during his July 16 podcast and Business Insider transcribed each story, which can be seen below.

1. “Gronkowski sprints down past all the people going down the [escalator], and sprints up the down [escalator]. Then gets to the bottom and raises his hands and goes, ‘Yeah!'”

2. “He’s in the elevator and there’s probably like 10 people in the elevator including one of my friends. He says to the doorman — [he’s going to] this party that’s going to be on the roof somewhere in LA, it’s outdoors — so he says to the elevator person, ‘At this party, can we party with out shirts off?’ And the guy is like, ‘Ah, yeah I think so.’ And Gronkowski turns to his buddy and goes, ‘Yeah!’ and high-fives him.”

3. “Gronkowski is in line for the bathroom. There’s a line, two urinals and a stall. They’re all waiting. Gronkowski is with his two brothers, who just looked awesome. He goes into the stall and he turns around to one of his brothers and says, ‘Crossys?’ The second brother goes in, the third brother goes in, and then there’s some guy who’s waiting — some small guy — and they say, ‘Let’s get him too.’ They grab this guy and pull him in, and they all pee in the bathroom together, in the stall.”