Jeremy Roenick has never been shy about voicing his opinions.

Couple that trait with a subject the Bay State native is passionate about like his beloved New England Patriots, and the colorful hockey analyst is in rare form.'s Ian Rapoport found that out on Tuesday when he caught up with the former NHL star at the Celebrity-Am Tournament of the American Century Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe.

Roenick revealed his deep support of the Pats and one extroverted tight end in particular with some praise for Rob Gronkowski that may have bordered a bit on blasphemy, at least to folks outside of New England.  

"I'm a Patriots fan," Roenick told Rapoport. "I grew up in Boston. I'm a big Patriots fan, a big Wes Welker fan, a big Tom Brady fan. So, being from that area, the Gronk is the next best thing to Jesus Christ, in my opinion. (Laughs) So, that's my team."

Roenick did admit to liking another team, and that confession certainly could be seen as sacrilegious back in New England.

"Unfortunately, Indianapolis was my other team because Peyton Manning was very much a favorite of mine," Roenick said. "And that just didn't work well. Now he's in Denver, but still a problem."

At least Roenick made up for that with some extra love for Welker.

"I like him because he's a crazy son of a [gun]," Roenick said. "You need to be to be his size and play the game the way he plays it. I just appreciate his mentality, appreciate his personality and the way he goes after it."

In addition to Roenick, the celebrities playing Tuesday included former Red Sox Kevin Millar and John Smoltz, Aaron Rodgers, Jim McMahon, former Vice President Dan Quayle and the Fresh Prince's Carlton himself, Alfonso Ribiero.