Snooki Reportedly Booed by Mets Fans After Appearing on Scoreboard to Lead CheerFans of the New York Mets apparently aren’t fans of reality television.

How do we know? Well for one, they booed Nicole Polizzi, better known as “Snooki” from the cast of Jersey Shore, when she attended a game at Citi Field on Monday night.

Jersey Shore may be the most popular reality television series in recent history, or ever, for that matter. And Snooki might very well be the show’s brightest star — using the term “brightest” with extreme caution. According to a tweet by Keith Olberman, the boos directed at the native New Yorker were so incredibly loud, they drowned out Snooki when she tried to lead a “Let’s go Mets” cheer on the stadium scoreboard.

Mets fans must have gotten tired of booing their players, who have led them to a 47-48 record thus far. So instead, they booed the most popular, least popular star out there.

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