Thomas Vermaelen Ditches ‘Verminator’ Alter-Ego in Favor of Shaolin Style (Video)


Thomas Vermaelen Ditches 'Verminator' Alter-Ego in Favor of Shaolin Style (Video)Arsenal fans have taken to calling club vice-captain Thomas Vermaelen “The Verminator” because of his steely glare and futuristic style of play.

But the Belgian defender could be turning in his Terminator tag for one a more timeless one. Vermaelen recently participated in a video shoot, in which he donned a Shaolin warrior costume.

And he didn’t just dress the part. He played it as well. Vermaelen followed instructions from Shaolin kung-fu master Shifu Shi Yan Kunshowed and showed off the techniques he learned for the cameras. It was a believable show until he started juggling a soccer ball and gave himself away.

The idea was inspired by a banner one of Vermaelen’s fans made during last year’s preseason tour of China. Vermaelen liked it so much that he took it back home with him, the Mail reports.

“The welcome we had on tour last year was just amazing,” Vermaelen said. “Those banners of us all as ancient warriors — and the work that must have gone into making them — summed up the dedication of the fans we met all over.

“Making this video, and learning some of the moves from Shifu Shi Yan Kun was just a small way to try and thank them for that, and to get supporters ready for our return next week.”

Arsenal is set to embark on another tour of the Far East. The Gunners will visit Malaysia and China as part of its preseason preparations. Vermaelen will be present unless he signs with the Wu-Tang clan before the Arsenal plane leaves London.

Watch Vermaelen learn the art of the Shaolin in the video below.

Photo via Facebook/Thomas Vermaelen ‘The Verminator’

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