USA Men's Basketball Team Will Be Considered Failure Coming Home With Anything But Olympic Gold (Podcast)The sport of basketball is thriving internationally, which is great news for fans of the game.

It's not such great news, however, for members of the U.S. Men's Olympic Team heading to London, because it means that their competition will be that much more stiff when the games start.

Despite a roster that boasts superstars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, the U.S. team will likely have some troubles along their way if they expect to win it all. Because of the high profile of the team's best players, however, anything less than a gold medal will be viewed as a failure by the team — and to some extent, the country and its league, the NBA. NBA writer Ben Watanabe stopped by the podcast on Monday with NESN Nation's Dan Duquette to discuss the team's chances at winning gold, the continuing legacy of the 1992 Dream Team, the Celtics' dealings for Courtney Lee and much more.

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