Vote: Should Penn State Face the NCAA’s Death Penalty?


Vote: Should Penn State Face the NCAA's Death Penalty?Joe Paterno and Penn State news isn't close to quieting down. Most people still want answers about what happened involving Jerry Sandusky and why Paterno and his staff didn't report it.

Every week there is a new headline on the topic and the most recent news is that workers removed the Paterno statue in front of Beaver Stadium early Sunday morning.

Also developing on Sunday morning were the possible NCAA sanctions against Penn State. Possible punishments could include exclusion from bowl game appearances and the loss of scholarships. Not only does this hurt current players and staff members who had no involvement with what happened more than a decade ago, but it puts the future of the university's athletic program in jeopardy because of the tarnished reputation it will have.

Penn State will reportedly not face the NCAA death penalty, which suspends the program for an entire season, but should they? 

Should Penn State receive the death penalty?

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