Adrian Gonzalez Responds to ‘Soap Opera’ Rumors and Gossip, Wants Press to ‘Talk to Me About Baseball’

by abournenesn

August 23, 2012

Although the trade deadline madness is well in the rear-view mirror, some interesting rumors have been sprouting up as we approach the end of August.

Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, like most professional athletes here in Boston, rarely pays attention to gossip and rumors. On Thursday afternoon, however, Gonzo spoke about reportedly hitting the waiver wire on Wednesday night. Like most rumors, this one didn't really get to him — the fact that the media is making such a big deal of it, however, had him comparing it to some of our favorite daytime television.

"In Boston there is always a novel — in here they never talk about baseball, it's always the same," Gonzalez told "That's one of the reasons why I almost never talk to the press here. Very few times they ask me about baseball. But most of the time it's about gossip, rumors, plots, well … a soap opera.

"When they talk to me about baseball, I'm available," he added. "But that does not happen often."

On Thursday, there were some rumors that the Dodgers may be interested in pursuing him this offseason. While it's not really news that a team is interested in a great baseball player, some believe this rumor is pretty significant based on the Dodgers new ownership and the waiver wire report.

"I can't worry about things I can't control," Gonzalez said. "Nobody has told me that I'm on waivers and if that's true, does not mean they will trade me. I can't control any of that."

Red Sox faithful can only hope the "drama" is now over.

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