Beverly Shiner, 30-Year-Old Boston Woman, Claims She Had Heated Affair With Chad Johnson


Things just keep getting worse for Chad Johnson.

He was arrested, released by the Dolphins and is in the process of getting divorced. If a recent report is true, however, maybe we should have seen that last part coming.

According to, a 30-year-old Boston woman named Beverly Shiner claims she carried on a heated affair with Johnson from January until May — right around the time Johnson's then-fiancee, Evelyn Lozada, was in the process of making wedding plans.

Shiner claims Johnson contacted her via Twitter after she began following the veteran wide receiver. She reportedly said that Johnson sent her a message with his phone number inviting her out to dinner, and that it turned into much more than that.

Shiner, who is a mother of two, claims she still slept with Johnson upon meeting him despite learning that he was still engaged, and that they went on to have a relationhip that lasted more than three months. The Super Bowl, in which the Patriots obviously played, occurred during that time, and Shiner claims Johnson even texted her while he was in Indianapolis to say that he missed her.

Johnson resumed living with Lozada following the big game, as you might expect, but Shiner insists that she and Johnson remained in contact. Shiner claims she would meet up with the wideout when he was back up in Boston, and she even followed Lozada to find out when the reality TV star would be out of town.

Things reportedly all went south at the beginning of May, however, when Johnson apparently stopped responding to Shiner. She claims she went to his house upon his request, but that he didn't answer the door when she arrived, even though she could hear his XBox playing.

"I got upset and told him, 'You are not the guy I thought you were,' to which he replied that he had been sleeping and warned me, 'You're overstepping your boundaries a little bit. I'm not your man, keep your comments to yourself,'" Shiner told

Shiner reportedly wasn't happy with Johnson's lack of "respect and common courtesy," but did try to contact him again later in May, and again he didn't respond. This ticked off Shiner, who insists that their relationship had evolved into much more than just some casual — albeit wrong — fun.

"It wasn't just a one night thing, he always said he wanted to move in with me, and said if he had I'd be pregnant by then. He kept asking if I wanted to have more kids," Shiner reportedly said.

"Once, when I was at his house, I asked what would happen if Evelyn walked in right now, and he said she wouldn't care," she reportedly continued. "He said, 'I'm not doing anything different than what every other man is doing.' He thinks it is fine to cheat. I feel he was completely disrespectful and he led me on."

There's no telling at this point whether there's any truth to this woman's claims, or if she's simply trying to get her time in the spotlight. But considering the fallout we're continuing to witness from the weekend's events, it's an interesting story thrown out there.

We'll see if any other alleged mistresses step forward. Perhaps Tiger Woods could shoot Johnson a phone call right about now.

Below is a photo of Beverly Shiner, with a hat tip to Larry Brown Sports.

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Beverly Shiner, 30-Year-Old Boston Woman, Claims She Had Heated Affair With Chad Johnson

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