Sports fans typically have some unusual ways to show off their pride for the hometown team. But then there’s some that just go beyond the realm of belief.

Some fans stand shirtless in the freezing cold just to show off the painted sign of devotion on their chest. Others go to great lengths to sport their team pride by way of a haircut, tattoo or otherwise. But showing your support 24/7 is nearly impossible. That is, unless you’re Steve Graham.

Graham, a native of Pomona, Kansas, is a diehard Kansas City Chiefs fan and you can see it in his eyes — literally. The 58-year-old Graham lost his right eye during a dart accident back in 1967, according to, but he now uses the disability to let other fans see his devotion to his favorite football team.

About 10 years ago, Steve went out to have some replacement artificial eyes made up for his right eye socket. While considering his option, his doctor suggested he get the Chiefs logo on the inside of the eye to show his support. Graham immediately took to the idea and decided to go ahead with the interesting piece of eye candy.

While the dedicated Chiefs faithful may not walk around town sporting the eye at all times, when it’s game time, you know where Graham’s loyalty lies.

Check out the photo of Graham’s eye below.

Blind Kansas City Chiefs Fan Wears Glass Eye With Team Logo to Show Pride (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@TheGame1350