Bobby Valentine’s Jab at Buster Olney Conjures Up Memories of Some of Sports’ Best Media Tussles (Gallery)


Bobby Valentine's Jab at Buster Olney Conjures Up Memories of Some of Sports' Best Media Tussles (Gallery)It may be tough to imagine, but just one year ago, Bobby Valentine and Buster Olney were coworkers.

Of course, coworkers don't always get along, and it's starting to look like Valentine and Olney may not have been the best of buds at ESPN. Either that, or things are much different now that Valentine is back in the manager's chair. 

Valentine took exception to some of Olney's reports recently, and he took the chance on WEEI to needle Olney some recently. 

"He's also discontent that I wouldn't go on the show with him when he does Sunday Night Baseball and he's crying a little here because I wouldn't let him interview me in the fourth inning," Valentine snapped in regards to an Olney report that questioned the Red Sox' clubhouse chemistry. " So, we have to understand the source here. I understand Buster. He's really a hard-working guy. He's so hard-working he's always on these talk shows that he has to make sure he's gathering information for you guys. Who gives a darn what he says about that situation?"

Valentine also went on to call the situation "ridiculous" while adding the drama will get Olney more air time and "more tweets," whatever that means.

This little back-and-forth between athletes or coaches and the media is nothing new. The two groups spend a lot of time together over the course of a season, and one group's (the media) job is to analyze what the other does. Sometimes that means criticizing plays or decisions. That, of course, doesn't please the coaches and athletes who think there is absolutely no way that a member of the media could ever understand life as a world-class athlete.

Add it all up, and sometimes you get some blow-ups. 

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