Brandon Lloyd Skeptical of Whether Usain Bolt’s Speed Would Translate to Success on Gridiron


Brandon Lloyd Skeptical of Whether Usain Bolt's Speed Would Translate to Success on GridironNo one would catch Usain Bolt in the open field. That doesn't mean the Jamaican sprinter will be earning a trip to the NFL Pro Bowl any time soon.

Following Bolt's gold medal win in the 100 meters on Sunday, there were many fans clamoring for the world's fastest man to give football a whirl. Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd is taming his excitement, though.

"In my opinion I feel that football players are the best athletes on the planet because we do have backgrounds in multiple sports and we do have the ability to compete in multiple sports at a high level in my opinion," Lloyd said in Foxboro Monday. "I think straight line speed doesn't necessarily transfer to football speed."

Lloyd speaks as someone with a little bit of a track and field background, and the veteran wideout even feels that those experiences have helped him in his football career.

"I attribute that to my high jumping when I was in high school," Lloyd said. "I did a lot of visualizing and preparing to jump at high heights that you can't practice. I couldn't jack myself up in practice enough to clear seven feet, but I could visualize it and visualize the timing and I was so successful at that, that I thought I'd transfer that over to football. So when I look at the call sheet and I look at the plays I just imagine catching any possible way. [I] visualize every coverage, visualize any catch — one hand, two hands, anything — so when it happens it feels like I've already been there almost."

Hey, anyone can run in a straight line, right?

Photo via Twitter/@SteveB7SFG

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