Brendan Rodgers Thinks Luis Suarez, Fabio Borini and Liverpool Forwards Can Help Reds Win With StyleBrendan Rodgers believes the Reds’ attack has all the ingredients required this season as the manager pledged his commitment to playing football in “the Liverpool Way.”

The Northern Irishman has been impressed with all aspects of his squad since becoming manager at the beginning of June, but pinpointed his forward line as reason for enthusiasm for the 2012-13 campaign.

“I will have quality players all the way through the team,” the 39-year-old told the Liverpool Echo.

“The goalkeeper is one of the leading ones in the world, the back four are top international players, really good players, and [we have] a young midfield that can play.

“Then I look at the potential of the front four in terms of [Fabio] Borini, [Luis] Suarez, [Steven] Gerrard and [Stewart] Downing and you’ve got pace, power, creativity and hunger, so I’m excited about going forward.

“It will just take time for the chemistry to take place. That’s why we do our work on the field, so in time we can execute those patterns.”

Passing, patterns and creativity are attributes that will sound familiar to many Reds fans, with Rodgers’ predecessors having prided themselves on a particular style of football.

The former Swansea boss has spoken passionately about his respect for the traditions of the club and wants to emulate those who have gone before him during his tenure at Anfield.

Kenny Dalglish gave the best years of his footballing and managerial life to Liverpool FC and will never be forgotten,” Rodgers continued.

“My aim is to remember the greats of this club such as Kenny and those before him, to produce a team that not only wins but does so in a style which for generations has been known as ‘the Liverpool Way’.”

Key to Rodgers’ vision for Liverpool is Luis Suarez, who committed his future to the project by signing a fresh long-term contract on Tuesday, and the manager is thoroughly enjoying working with the Uruguayan.

“He had a bit of a break at the end of the season and he’s been playing with Uruguay in some friendlies and at the Olympics, he’s come back and looked really good in the last couple of days,” Rodgers added.

“I have no worries about the likes of Luis. He was in his preseason, it just wasn’t with us. We know he’s class, he looks fit, looks strong and will be ready.

“I was one of the managers who thought the Olympics would be beneficial for players. Most were coming back around the same time, but with the Olympics basically what you had was he’d be doing his work there rather than with us.

“That was an opportunity for those players involved to come back maybe even at a better level because they’d be playing more competitive games.”

The Reds began competitive action for the season with a 1-0 victory in the first leg of their UEFA Europa League qualifier against FC Gomel in Belarus last week, and will look to finish the job in the return at Anfield tonight.

“At this stage they are fitter than us, they’ve played 15 games so that match fitness is better. We tired towards the end but had that resilience to keep a clean sheet which you cannot underestimate,” Rodgers said of the first meeting.

“They make it difficult to play through them, sit deep and then spring forward so it’s about making sure we have that tactical discipline.”