Comedian Amy Schumer Claims She Broke Up With WWE Star Dolph Ziggler Because Sex Was ‘Too Athletic’


August 23, 2012

Apparently Dolph Ziggler‘s in-ring performance is merely a warmup to the real task at hand.

Comedian Amy Schumer, who dated Ziggler, said on The Howard Stern Show that she broke up with the WWE star because the sex was “too athletic,” according to She reportedly claims he was throwing her around like they were wrestling.

Well, perhaps it’s the other way around. Maybe Ziggler, whose real name is Nick Nemeth, views his time in the sheets as an opportunity to hone his craft. In any event, it’s clearly too much for some women, including Schumer, to handle.

Schumer, who continues to gain popularity mostly for her appearances on Comedy Central roasts, did feel bad for dumping the former heavyweight champion. She admits that she still likes Ziggler, and that she learned he was a sweetheart upon texting him to break up.

Fortunately, Schumer’s loss is someone else’s gain, ladies. So for all you fine, young women out there looking for a jacked up wrestler whose hair looks like spaghetti, you might as well start pursuing Ziggler. If nothing else, you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

It’s now official. Dolph Ziggler is starting to challenge Dolph Lundgren for the title of “Most Legendary Dolph.”

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Comedian Amy Schumer Claims She Broke Up With WWE Star Dolph Ziggler Because Sex Was 'Too Athletic'

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