Andy Reid is a big, big man. The Philadelphia Eagles head coach is one of the biggest men in football really, outweighing many of his own players.

One player he is not bigger than, however, is defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins. That fact did not stop Reid from getting in Jenkins’ face on Monday night when the Eagles were in Foxboro to take on the Patriots.

The two gargantuan human beings were face to face during the second quarter of what was a pretty horrendous first-quarter performance by the Eagles.

The frustration apparently boiled over as Reid came over to the defensive team’s huddle on the sideline and went right at Jenkins. That prompted Jenkins to shoot up off of the bench and respond to Reid. The two engaged in a shouting match for a few seconds before being separated.

Reid’s mustache, as always, stole the show, adding a little extra intimidation. 

However, the two insist that it wasn’t a huge deal.

“It’s an emotional game, he was fired, up I was fired up,” Reid told reporters after the game. “Those things will happen. Cullen’s my primary leader on the defensive line, so I count on him for a lot of things. He was upset, I was upset, we talked about it afterwards and we are OK.”

Jenkins agreed that it wasn’t a big deal.

“It’s football,” he said, according to “Football causes that. If you’re out there playing, you’ve got to be emotional. It was nothing. Nothing was addressed. It’s an emotional game, and sometimes you need that spark and especially now in the preseason. I’m a real competitive person, and when I get out there, I want to win regardless. It wasn’t anything directed at anybody or personal like that.”

See the blow-up in the video below.

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