Diana Nyad's Attempt to Swim From Cuba to Florida Cut Short on Fourth DayDiana Nyad's third attempt to swim across the Straits of Florida ended the same way the first two did — with disappointment.

Nyad was pulled out of the water early Tuesday morning, the fourth day of her most recent attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida, according to multiple reports.

Nyad, who had been swimming for more than 60 hours, was pulled out around 12:55 a.m. after a storm took her off course.

"This morning as a team we decided that to continue after we had been through for another 28 to 40 hours just wasn't going to make sense on a lot of levels, including the overall safety, not only of Diana but the overall team," Mark Sollinger, operations director with Nyad's team, told CBS News.

Nyad has some souvenirs to show for her latest attempt. The swimmer ended up with swollen lips and a swollen eye, as well as a number of jellyfish stings. Her team also revealed that she was shivering, despite the 85-degree waters she had been swimming in.

Even with the issues, Nyad did not want to get out of the water. The 63-year-old was attempting to become the first person to ever swim across the Straits of Florida from Cuba without a shark cage.

Photo via Twitter/@romarpe