Erin Andrews Has ‘Ultimate Mega-Crush’ on Gisele Bundchen


Erin Andrews Has 'Ultimate Mega-Crush' on Gisele BundchenErin Andrews
is one of the most popular sports media figures in America, and rightfully so.

The sports reporter seems to always have a spotlight on her, and it's not just because of her gorgeous looks. Andrews still deals with an uphill battle of being a female in the male-dominated industry. In fact she recently told People magazine that the pressure that comes with the territory is one of the reasons why she's been so successful.

"I put so much pressure on myself, and I also have a massive chip on my shoulder to work harder than anyone else," she told People magazine. "There's always this fear with me since I've been in the industry that I don't want anyone to challenge how much I know, or that I got my job because I’m a female, or I look a certain way. That’s why I've always wanted to go above and beyond."

Now let's get back to her looks. Andrews is easy on the eyes — which is obviously one of the main reasons why she's been popping up on your television a couple of times a week over the years. But Andrews, a self-proclaimed "tomboy," doesn't believe she belongs in the same breath as some of the other beautiful women associated with the sports world.

"I just laugh [when people talk about my looks]," she says. "There are women I look at as beautiful – Gisele [Bündchen], she's my ultimate mega-crush — but I look at myself as just me; I don't see myself as that."

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