Former BU Hockey Player Corey Trivino Pleads Guilty to Assault, Sentenced to Two Years Probation


Corey Trivino pleaded guilty to assault and battery on Tuesday, earning himself two years' probation along with random drug and alcohol tests.

The former Boston University hockey player was charged with indecent assault and dismissed from the team back in December, but the initial charges were decreased to assault and battery and trespassing with the consent of the victim.

The victim, a woman who worked as an RA at the BU dorms, asked a drunken Trivino to quiet down the night of the incident. He responded by following her back to her room, forcing his way in and groping her.

"I see Corey all the time and every time my body reacts in terror," said the victim, who according to the Boston Herald is undergoing therapy and taking medication for post traumatic stress disorder. "It is impossible to put a price on the pain and suffering that I have experienced. Unfortunately for me, there is no ending because the mind does not forget."

In court, Trivino apologized for his actions but did not face his victim, according to the Herald.

Through his agent, Trivino indicated that he still expects to play in the NHL. The forward was drafted back in 2008 by the Islanders, and his agent indicated he hopes to have a contract — possibly with another team — by the end of the month.

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