Labor Day means hot dogs, cold beer, pool parties and the last chance to enjoy a long weekend while it is still warm enough to enjoy it.

Labor Day is about fun, in other words.

Unfortunately, it is also about sitting in traffic. Anyone who has ever vacationed on Cape Cod over Labor Day weekend knows all about enduring bumper-to-bumper traffic on Route 3 from Quincy all the way to the Sagamore Bridge. By the end of the journey, you spent so much time staring at the rear end of that Ford Taurus, you can recite its license plate number from memory.

Wherever Jason Terry was headed Friday, he too was forced to move at a turtle's pace. The Boston Celtics shooting guard tweeted a dashboard photo of his slow going, but unlike our memories of Dad simmering with rage behind the wheel, Terry seemed to be good-natured about the ordeal.

Check out the traffic jam and Terry's reaction in the tweet below.