Jets Owner Woody Johnson Thinks ‘You Can Never Have Too Much Tebow,’ Thus Adding to Jets’ Circus


Have the Patriots clinched the division yet?

Looking at how dysfunctional the Jets appear to be as the season gets ready to kick off, the Pats might as well start preparing for postseason football. At the forefront of the Jets’ headline-making, inefficient ways, of course, is the team’s unpredictable quarterback situation, which was made even more ridiculous by owner Woody Johnson on Wednesday.

“I think you can never have too much Tebow,” Johnson told CNBC from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, according to the New York Daily News.

The Jets have remained adamant throughout this offseason that Mark Sanchez is their guy, and that while Tim Tebow will see plenty of snaps, he will not be usurping Sanchez as the team’s starting quarterback. Of course, everyone and their mother has doubts about whether that will remain the case if Sanchez starts struggling, which is probably a foregone conclusion at this point.

Johnson’s comment, while perhaps meant to be harmless, at least shows that Tebow could be in line for a large workload. Even if Tebow doesn’t begin or end the season as the Jets’ starting signal-caller, there’s been some questions as to how he’ll be implemented in the offense, and this indicates that the implementation could come fast and furious.

Eventually, it will be Rex Ryan‘s decision on how to best use Tebow. Maybe the best way for Ryan to avoid planting his now significantly smaller keister on the hot seat is to dial up a heavy dose of the polarizing QB.

Hey, if that’s what the owner wants.

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Jets Owner Woody Johnson Thinks 'You Can Never Have Too Much Tebow,' Thus Adding to Jets' Circus

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