Magic’s Recent Ineptitude Has Orlando Likely to Join List of Worst Franchises to Root For (Photos)


Magic's Recent Ineptitude Has Orlando Likely to Join List of Worst Franchises to Root For (Photos)The Orlando Magic organization is not good at many things.

The Magic will not likely be visiting the NBA Finals anytime soon, and any luck that the organization will get a draft pick or a contract situation right also looks dire. Hiring a great coach? Also a tall task, although the problem with the last coach was not that the Magic missed out on hiring him, but that they sent basketball mastermind Stan Van Gundy packing in an ill-fated attempt to keep crybaby Dwight Howard in town.

Losing Howard and Van Gundy are just the latest botched moves by a franchise that is quickly moving itself into contention for only one distinction: being a horrible organization to root for. Before the Howard mess, the Magic had already scuffled away chances at keeping eventual four-time NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal and one-time franchise player Tracy McGrady. NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy is among those who wonder whether Orlando fans have started asking whether following their team is even "worth it" anymore.

In that respect, the bumbling Magic have at least shown great ability in making one Top 10 list: The worst teams in sports history to root for.

It's a tough list to crack, but considering what the Magic have done with O'Neal, McGrady and now Howard and Van Gundy, is this organization completely lost? Does it have a chance of ever getting back into contention, or will Magic fans forever have to watch ineptitude from what should be heavily discounted courtside seats?

Check out our Top 10 list to see whether you think the Magic deserve to join the ranks of the hopeless.

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