Michael Phelps’ Relationship With Model Girlfriend, Megan Rossee, Starting to Take Flight (Photos)


Michael Phelps isn’t quite ready to take the plunge, but he’s making a splash in the dating game.

Phelps has been pretty quiet about his dating life throughout his illustrious swimming career, but it looks like the most decorated Olympian ever is ready to take the next step with his girlfriend, Megan Rossee, finally appearing alongside the 25-year-old model on the red carpet at an event hosted by Speedo in London.

Rossee has been pretty public about their relationship, tweeting oh-so-adorable tweets at the 22-time Olympic medalist and posting photos of the two on her Instagram account. For the most part, however, the relationship has been kept on the down-low until Monday’s event.

Now that the relationship is public, expect Rossee to become even more popular. That tends to happen when you get cozy with global superstars. Judging by her looks, though, she probably would have made it just fine in the modeling game, even without Phelps by her side.

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Michael Phelps' Relationship With Model Girlfriend, Megan Rossee, Starting to Take Flight (Photos)

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